Meneshre Subramany

Meneshre studied at the University of the Western Cape, graduating in 2001. Her passiomeneshreprofilen to pursue a career in physiotherapy stemmed from her athletic background at school, being brought up in a sporty family and encountering her mom’s battle with osteoarthritis.

Her eagerness to learn and advance her skills led to her furthering her studies in dry needling, cervical manipulation, Mackenzie therapy and acupressure. She practiced at Addington Hospital for 2 years gaining invaluable knowledge, experience and exposure to a variety of conditions and treatment techniques while satisfying the need to give back to the community. She was involved with the Red Cross Flying Doctor program which provided health services to outlying areas in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Following one of her other passions, travel, she pursued the opportunity to gain international experience. Meneshre worked in the UK from 2004-2006, and was privileged to work in a musculoskeletal outpatients department. Her key focus was sports injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Meneshre returns to the Regenerative Health practice after 1 and ½ years of maternity leave. During her 3 years of practice she was involved in holistic health and fertility as well as physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

Meneshre has enjoyed the joys and challenges of motherhood and looks forward to returning to her work passions. Physiotherapy is her channel to create a positive change in the world!