Point Injection

    The Chinese have been injecting dextrose
    and body fluids since the 1930’s...  

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  • Living with Chronic
    Pain that just won't
    go away

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  • Highly Experienced

    The goal of our therapists is to treat pain
    and restore lost function and mobility

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  • Neural

    involves injecting a solution
    to treat neurogenic

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  • Facial and
    Head Pain?

    Do you have constant head and
    facial pain let us help you elevate 
    the tension ... 

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  • Live a full life...

    Free from chronic pain

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  • Fertility

    No Surgery required!

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  • Prolotherapy
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    We strive to offer you
    the best solution

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  • Mesotherapy

    Rejuvenating therapies!

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  • Wellness

    Addressing you emotional
    mental and spiritual well being...

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    What is
    Chinese Medicine?

    A Broad range of medicine practices sharing
    common theoretical concepts...  

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    on Prolotherapy

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    Dr Stavrou’s mentor

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    • It promotes the body’s own natural healing ability.
    • The natural functions of the body are regained and optimized.
    • No drugs or surgery are used.
    • It relieves pain.
    • The solutions used are made from natural ingredients.
    • It has been shown to regenerate ligaments and cartilage. 

Welcome to Regenerative Health

02My life motto is to transform lives one person at a time. Here at Regenerative Health wellness is achieved and maintained by assessing and treating patients holistically.My name is Dr. Steven Stavrou, and I am a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and  Physiotherapist. I specialise in treating chronic neuromusculoskeletal pain, sports injuries and women’s health. Over the last 12 years, I have lectured to over 7000 medical professionals worldwide, and have developed a unique two day Temporomandibular Disorder workshop. I also treat athletes with a wide range of sports injuries. As an athlete, I fully understand the importance of healing injuries without extended time off. We here at Regenerative Health look forward to walking your healing journey with you. Click here to view Dr. Stavrou’s profile.   01My name is Helen Stavrou,
and I have been working in personal mastery and mental health for the last 15 years.We are a multidisciplinary health centre in Sandton, Johannesburg & specialize in therapeutic and non evasive procedures.Our services include Chinese Medicine, Prolotherapy, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Dry Needling and Wellness Coaching.Our interventions endeavour to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our incredible bodies. Click here to view Helen’s profile.
Regenerative Health



    I never trusted acupuncture before I met Dr Steven Stavrou, although I am Chinese. With him and his team’s help,  I am 23 weeks pregnant with twins.  Big Thank You!  Jackie

    It has been an absolutely worth while investment in my health. I have been very happy with the results in that I have no more pain and it would seem that all of the affected areas have significantly increased strength and stability due to the ongoing healing process that Prolotherapy stimulates.  Sandy 



    Please do not ever go for a back operation!!! Go see Dr Steven Stavrou in Sandton. He can help you with Prolotherepy. Did wonders for me. Phone now for appointment. You won't regret it. Best thing that ever happenned to me. Alta